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Shoot apples and green goblins as you strive to get just enough distance for that perfect bowshot.
This game is played with mouse only.

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Nice bike racing game Happy Bike. Relax, drive your bike and be happy!

Up / Down Arrow Keys - Forward / Backward. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Balance. Enter / Spacebar - Change Direction.

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Have fun designing your own anime character with all the tools and options in the flash game Anime Character Generator. Go through all the options - let the imaginatino guide you.

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Have some fun reading sometimes absolutely meaningless but entertaining sentences. Just press "genarate" to get a new sentence.

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In online flash game Long Vehicle Parking you will need to park not a simple car – this is a long powertruck. Your aim is not to catch the walls and nearby cars. The time is limited so do your task fast.

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Destroy the army of killing monster trucks before they get to the city.

Pick Up/Slam: Mouse

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Welcome to European Capitals – level one. Use this free online game to begin learning the capitals of Europe. It's best to master one region at a time – select a region using the pull down menu.
Once you've mastered each region, select “All of Europe” using the pull down menu, and try to master it.
After that you may be ready to play “European Capitals – level two”.
Check or improve your knowledge with fun and entertaining method – play online game for free.

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Something is trying to escape from the cellar, keep it trapped for as long as possible by moving objects over the door.

The aim is to keep whatever is in the hole down there for as long as possible. To do this you'll need to move the objects around you over the trap door. Use your arrow keys to move, walk into objects to push them and hold your spacebar to drag them.

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Play online game Armed with wings culmination and become an insubmissive young warrior, which chases the evil Vandheer Lorde. The lord is ruling the lands with its icy grip. Your aim in this fighting game is to become a strong man enough to kill Vandheer Lorde. Use the arrow keys to move and the up arrow key to jump. Use the WASD keys to use your attacks and specials. Show that you can defeat the evil ruler.

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Remove certain bulbs or turn them blue to make the yellow bulb touch the transparent bulbs. Can you light up all 30 levels?

Use your mouse to play.

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The rules of Strom OPS free flash game are simple: neutralize as many enemy units as possible, preventing your base from being destroyed. Survive for 25 waves and you'll get a medal. The game won't end there, so you're free to play as long as you want.

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Start a fun and exciting business in Rubato Hills and work your way up to become the next Recordshop Tycoon. Purchase CDs and upgrade your shops to attract customers! "We are confident you will be able to start a very successful business in Rubato Hills."
Use your mouse to play.

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Play online game Palisade Guardian 3 and become a real guardian of your town. Strange creatures have captures the town. And now they want to enter the main building and that will be the end.
You are standing on the roof of the building and ready to kill everything which will appear in front of your eyes. Don’t let anything get into the building.
With each level you will have new type of weapons. Change it with number keys, and shoot everything that moves.

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Hedgehog Sonic likes extreme kinds of sports. Snowboarding is no exception. Do your best tricks while going over the ramp.
Choose the weather and time of the day. Make it day or night, clearly or foggy - whatever you like.
Remember, the further up the ramp, the better tricks you can do. The better tricks you do, the higher scores you get.
Enjoy! Have the dream vacation when you play Sonic 3D Snowboarding online game :)
Use the spacebar to play.