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Formula Racer 2012 free flash game has 12 different tracks from around the world in the 3D graphics.


SpongeBob Squarepants - Coloring Book is on online coloring book where you can do no wrong :) There are many bright colors and different pages for those who like this cartoon character. Also, you can add your own drawing to the picture.
Add the game to your faves and come back for more!

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In case you don’t like Donald Trump, this game will enable you to tease him and force him to go out of world economy sphere. Find his weak spot and he will beg for mercy. You can select any tool to hit him. Make your choice and have fun.

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As a new recruit to the Galactic Nations Task force, Captain Flash has no time to settle in before all hell breaks loose as an alien attack comes out of nowhere.
Play online arcade game Galactic Flash and blast your way across the galaxy to defend earth from an alien invasion!
Master your weapons and prove yourself in battle to receive upgrades and bonuses as you blast through more and more hostile aliens.

Controls: 'a' and 'd' or arrow keys to move; 'z' or '/' to fire; left or right 'shift' to fire bombs! '1' and '2' cycle weapons and bombs.

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This island is your new challenge ground in Moto Rush 2 free flash game. Several championships are held here. Each championship cup consists of several races. You need to achieve at least rank C in the race to move to the next race in the cup. Click a cup button then click a race button to begin the race. Win races to gain prize points and obtain the trophies: access to other championships, the advanced vehicles, the new characters and others. In the trophy room you can see whole list of the trophies.

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Heat Rush is a perfect online game for racing game lovers. You get to pilot an awesome sports car. race the other drivers, complete different tasks, and enjoy real speed (there are no cops, ahh!). 10 different tracks, lots of upgrades won't get you bored for sure.
Press the up arrow or W key to accelerate, left and right arrows or A and D keys to steer. Down arrow or S key to break. Press the space bar for turbo.

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Create your own deadly disease and wipe out the mankind. The humans have 200 days to find a cure to the disease. You earn points by killing humans. You can change the way your unique disease spreads, its symptoms.
Go through the process of evolving from a virus to a pandemic disaster in Pandemic online game.

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Mario Hood is a real fun online game where you can practive your precision abilities as well as get to know what archery is like. Shoot the ropes your friends are hanging on to save them from death, be careful not to shoot the freinds themselves, though.
Collect coins as well.
Aim and shoot with the mouse. Have fun!

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The aliens invaded to steal your cows. Now it's time to fight - we'll call it Grey Wars. Defend your stock. Place the cannons on the field in such way that the enemies don't even get a chance to get close to the barn. Get upgrades on your way.
Do a research of what you can do - there ar elots of options to make the online game more interesting and exciting. Good luck to you!

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In flash platform game Tombs of Anubis you have to take a photograph of Anubis but be careful, his army of mummies are trying to stop you.
Use the arrow keys to control your character and hit spacebar to take a photograph.
Take pictures of the mummies to turn them into photos and collect the photos to complete each level.
Anubis doesn't like his picture being taken, watch out for the hazards that need to be avoided.

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The rules of Strom OPS free flash game are simple: neutralize as many enemy units as possible, preventing your base from being destroyed. Survive for 25 waves and you'll get a medal. The game won't end there, so you're free to play as long as you want.

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In World Cup - Penalty Shootout flash game your last kick can settle the resolution to the entire game. The game is in a draw and only you can change everything. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the team who wins World Cup.

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To play online game Backyard Mini Golf first select the number of players, type names for each player and choose the color of the ball. Play through different modes: play the front 9 holes, play the back 9 holes, play 18 holes.
Object of online game: hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. The person with the lowest score after 18 holes wins the game.

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This war is real. More than that - it's Robo War! You are a super high-tech robot. There are lots of enemies-droids on your way. Destroy them all.
How to play: use arrow keys to move, space to shoot, "x" - to change your weapons. Like this online game? Add it to your favorites and come back for more!