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Your goal in Teelombies infection puzzle online game is to infect all the people and gain gold. Launch zombies into the humans, they will run and bite the surrounding people.
In evil lab you can choose a lot of things to improve your abilities. First you will be given a basic thrower, which the help of which you can throw only one zombie. But then you will buy new weapons and will play really entertaining game. Timer bomb – click to explode zombie and kill human within radius of explosion. Adrenaline injection – click to speed up Zombie in a few seconds. Poisonous breath – click to burst out poisonous breath then infect human nearby. Fresh blood injection – click to increase Zombie lifetime 2 times. Brain controller – click to gain control of Zombie. Snake Blood Injection – click to make zombie able to infect human instantly in a few sec. Cure Serum Injection – click to turn zombie into human appearance. Dizzy alarm – click to stun human nearby the zombie.