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Play Teelonians - Clan War online flash game


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Your kingdom is being attacked by the cursed teutons. They are now building camps around your palace and waiting the right time to attack you. Commander, you must make haste to defend your kingdom, your army is at your command and is ready to battle and die for your kingdom.
Your mission in Teelonians - Clan War online game is to stop the enemies from breaching your defenses. Pick your troops from the unit bar on the top of the screen, then click on the yellow circle on the war field to place them in flash game. Order your troops to switch position with another units with the swap button, after you pressed the swap button then pick the units you want to swap (remember you can only swap the unit on the same line, and you can not swap building with another units) when you play online game.
If you are lacking of money in flash games, you can sell your units with half price with the retreat button, press it and then select the unit that you want to sell, if you do this to a building or trap, it will be destroyed and give you back your money.
If you're surrounded by enemies, Rogus Flamanos (the God of fire) will help you to destroy the enemies with his fiery meteorites, click on the meteor icon on the middle of the top screen, but beware, Rogus will only help once in each level of war online game.
If you win the battle, you will get research point that can be used to recruit new powerful unit.