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Play Telepath Psy Arena online flash game


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Play online RPG game Telepath Psy Arena where you will need to compete with numerous enemies. Psy points consumed when using psy abilities and special moves. Have a character rest during combat to recover PsP: don't move or attack - 3 points. Move, but don't attack - 1 point.
Strength - affects the damage your character does with physical attacks.
Psy power - affects the damage your character does with psy attacks. Increasing this also increases PsP.
Psy Defense - affects the damage your character heals with shields and feedback attacks. Increasing this also increases Health and PsP.
Aptitude - affects how easily your hero learns. Raise this to lower your training costs.
Speed - is how many spaces you can move per turn with this character. Resistance - cuts damage in free online fighting games from that element by 50%.
Combat in Psy Arena of flash games is turn-based. Characters go in a specific order. They can move and attack, just move, or end their turn. The goal of every battle is to keep your Hero alive while defeating the enemy. Some battles have different ways to win, but you can always win by killing every enemy on the map.
When it's a character's turn a spinning circle appears around them in online games. Your characters get a yellow spinning circle - the enemies get a red spinning circle.
See Tutorial first to learn more about the gameplay, rules and controls.