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Use the mode you prefer in Thing Thing Arena free online game and start the fight against your opponent. Survival mode: try to survive a never ending onslaught of enemies. Zombie survival: the enemies are undead. They're faster, and they drop less health. You also start with less health, but you have a seemingly endless supply of ammo for your "Zombie Special". Super survival: more enemies, more firepower, and less health. Even the most seasoned Thing-Thing player will sweat with this mode of fighting online game. This time you've come prepared, though. You've got 20 rockets, and 30 grenades.
Stinky bean survival - it's you against the most pathetic lifeform on Earth, Stinky Bean. They're too stupid to comprehend pain, and they work in numbers. Beware the bean in flash games.
You can create your character choosing him name, head, and body.
A and D are used for left and right movement. W is used for jumping. Hold it or tap it twice to double-jump. S is used to duck. E and Q are used to cycle forward and backwards through weapons. The mouse in most online games is used for aiming and shooting. P is used for pause. Control is used for melee attacks.