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Your goal in Turbo spirit racing flash game is to race on different tracks and be the first one to cross the finish line. In the options menu you can choose between mouse controls and keyboard controls. The recommendation is to use the mouse.
Rules: each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to clock at each checkpoint. Race ends if you run out of time early. You can retry each track unlimited times.
Scoring: you get a base score for your mileage. At each checkpoint you score a bonus depending on your rank and remaining time.
Highscores: you can submit your highscore any time you want. Submit will finish the game.
Select the race. France – Picturesque pines and old olive trees, traditional taverns and this special light that can only be described as magical; whoever visited the province, surely fell in love with it. Buddy, watch out: Don’t leave anything on the track except your skid marks.
Germany – today’s track’s a phenomenon: Concrete, fast and straight: the German Autobahn. Face a yet unopened part it in the beautiful landscape of northern Germany and feel the magic of a speed limit that does not exist.
Japan – romantic moments are to be experienced as you drive along #138 from Gotemba to Kagosaka-Toge. Be sure to take a lot of pictures – otherwise you won’t be able to recall those beautiful sights named Fuji-heigen, Subashiri or Sengen-Hoja.
USA – prepare to face the myth: tombstone. Be sure to blast you bikequick as a bullet along the sandy track under Arizona’s bone bleaching sun, where no one except Mexican heroes can survive.
New Zealand – lost in the heights of Southland, NZ. Find your way through this unearthly landscape and huge rock formations that border today’s curvy track. Be sure not to hit Gandalf or one of his magical penguins. Their grudge is said to be infernal.
Poland – tar, diesel and dust is all a man from Katowice needs to feel at home – so – they say – and it seems to be true: Mud covered, worn out tracks, an overdose of heavy industry and smog-stoned cows. If you want to complete, forget that the sky once seemed so blue.
Greenland – Groove’n’freeze at Disco Bay from where the coolest of out tracks will winf into the endless ice of Greenland, passing some smaller camps coldhearted scientists inhabit until you finally slide into the finish at Erdmann Base: don’t forget your spikes.
Egypt – salam aleikum, hot shot. Guess what: the last track’ll be the hardest, so get yourself on your chrome-skinned steelcamel with its four-cylinder-heart whirling like a desert storm and hit the shapeless sand pit thing that the locals use to call “road”.