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Play Twin Cat Warrior 2 online flash game


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Classic two player online game Twin Cat Warrior 2 has finally launched the second generation. Graphics has improved very obviously, the game scene from green forest to silver ice cave, looks like much beautiful, and dynamic. Snowflake and frog makes whole adventure stage more vivid. If you look seriously, you will find that even animals are frozen in the background is floating up and down. The game paly is the same as before, but level design is more clever, and more mechanism and elements are added, such as cannon, spin ice etc. That makes online game difficulty increase.
Use WASD and arrow keys to move and jump. Remember one of cat can jump on the other one. When standing on the cannon, press S or down to launch. Avoid the water and spikes or you will die. Grab all gems and arrive terminal postion safely to finish level of flash game. There are 40 levels to play through.