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Perform different stunts while chaining jumps to earn huge point multipliers in Vector Stunt free flash game. Jumping on the rail does not count as a stunt unless you chain it from a ramp jump. If you bounce on the rail more than once you will lose your multiplayer.
Steer with arrows. Press key combinations when you hit a jump to do a stunt: left arrow – roll left, right arrow – roll right, up arrow - front-flip, down arrow – back-flip, left + up = left spin, right + up = right spin.
Get your points for notes: mid note – 500 points, treble note – 750, bell note – 100 points (chain bell pickups for up to 500 points each, ruby note – 10,000 points (use the red jumps to reach rubies).
WASD keys can also be substituted for arrow keys.
Get your achievements in online games for free: spectrum runner – score 50000 points or more playing the Aerodrone song. Audiophile – finish a game using your own mp3. Iceman – stay in pilot mode for at least 5 seconds. Ruby – collect a red ruby note without falling off the track. Kenevil – perform every stunt available without hitting the ground. Starman – score 1 5-star final rating in any song.