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One day a legion of foreign army attacked the village in the middle of the night. The village was set to a big fire. Many villagers tried to fight the attacker, so did the blacksmith. But they were outnumbered. The blacksmith went to the forest, left his only son and disappeared.
As the time passed by, the son grew to a brave young man, and he is back to the village in Vindex Gladiator rpg online game. The only goal of his life is to be strong enough to be able to find and rescue his father. The name of the brave man is Vindex and he starts this adventure now.
When you click Start Game button, you will be led to the game story from its very beginning. The story will continue automatically every time you win the battle. Each story is connected to an area tat you visit.
Just like any other rpg flash game, the battle in this online game is a turn based mode. So you have to wait until it's your turn to make a move. Each character has its own commands. The fight and numina command is based on the character level and skills. Numina is a special skill that make your character able to summon some powerful patrons if free flash game.