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In War of Cells free online game you need to gather energy molecules to sustain energy level. Specials and pods may use energy to be activated. Moving your cell will cost energy, too.
Gathering nutrition is essential. You will gain health by collecting nutrition depending on its type and size. Furthermore some skills require certain nutrition types in order to be used.
Every time you kill a cell in flash games or successfully complete a mission you will gain experience. If you have gathered enough experience you will advance to the next evolutionary level and gain 1 evolution point.
Might and strength come with higher levels... you can even control more of your own kind with time. There are three skills categories in Was of Cells. You need to unlock skills by finding RNA sequences or selecting a reward after succeeding a level. Pods are your weapons - you may use a maximum of three pods at a time. Specials can be used instantly and are crucial for your success. Passive skills will enhance your cell on a general basis. No need to activate them.
You need to gather enough nutrition to divide your active cell. Your devision bar in flash game will slowly fill up as you collect nutrition. If it is completely filled you can divide by clicking on your devision bar