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A pirate captain named Moryon has been peaceful settlement. Throw his pack of thieves back into the sea where they came from.
Welcome in Empires of Arkeia free online game, commander. You are on the prosperous Sunfall Isle which is ravaged by pirate raids. Now these raiders have sunk their teeth into the proud town of Hearthvale. Let’s show the vermin what they deserve in this online game.

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Use mouse to control your actions in Alien Striker free flash game. Left mouse click to shoot, scrolling to change weapons, or press 1 and 2 on keyboard. Use Spacebar for Special Attack.
Keep an eye on your health and energy bar. Collect the Battery for secondary weapon.
There are two types of weapon: main and secondary, that will make online game for free complete. You can equip your character with both of them to make him stronger. Select needed weapon in the shop, buy and drag it to your character. You are able to upgrade health, energy meters and bomb skills.

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Greetings to you, Commander, in the Relic of War online game.
You can play Axis or Allied episodes of this free flash game.
Axis: Welcome to Wolf’s Lair, out Fuhrer’s Headquarters for the Eastern Front. Today, the Wehrmatch will conduct a simulated combat training, and you’ve been chosen to command. Do your best and make your Fuhrer proud.
Your objective is to destroy the opponent, to do this you need to build an army.

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Nearest castles has fallen to the Dark Lord Brizark and his army of knights, cutting off supplies to your castle. You must take a stand against the Dark Lord, but can you defeat the powerful army of his monsters and return peace to your land.
You have a lot of units in your disposal, they are: swordsmen, archers, knights, horsemen, wizards and heroes.
You will have battles in 5 locations: Eard Castle, Darg Castle, Gromn Castle, Zerra Castle and Gorth Castle.
The goal of the Clang of Swords online game is to capture the castle of Dark Lord Brizark.

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Your aim in online Kings game is to defeat your enemy, destroying his forces with the cannon. In case you shoot good (killing someone) you have another move, but in case you miss the target, the enemy starts to shoot, and you need to be careful, he is very accurate.

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In The Aquatory online game you have to defend the territory from the invasion of the enemy submarines. You are armed with 4 types of weapons: pin weapon, barrel weapon, torpedo weapon, and deep mine weapon. Try them in action.
You can destroy enemy submarines in various ways, but the best way to do it is to directly hit the conning tower. However, you cannot do a headshot with a Torpedo weapon, this would make it too easy.

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The Earthlings are returning. They aim to overpower our defenses. They have invaded our airspace. You are our last hope. Our last tower, our last defense is all that remains to defend Mars from the humans.
Your goal in Last mars tower flash game is to defend the tower against the human invaders. When the bar is empty your tower will be destroyed and you will be defeated. The robot collects resources for you. Move mouse to aim, click to shoot. Don’t waste energy. Tip, use short clicks.

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Your mission in Tank blitz zero flash game is to use your upgradable, V1-venom assault-tank and break through enemy lines taking out turrets, tanks, troops and anything else in your path.
Avoid enemy fire. Earn cash through destruction. Conserve ammunition. Upgrade your tank at the checkpoint. Take out the enemy base. Do not fail.

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6 June 1944 settings. You need to protect your land. Enemies are arriving and your only hope is your ability to shoot. Kill your enemies with different amount in each level. It will be easy to aim as they wear green helmets. Just don’t waste time and fulfill your mission.
Change weapons 12345, R – reload. P – pause. Mouse aim and left click to shoot.

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Greetings in Kingdom rush free flash game, noble and heroic warrior. As a general of his Majesty’s forces, King Denas requires your services. The inhabitants of the city of Southport have reported attacks by highwaymen and other roaming outlaws. You must take a battalion to Southport to bolster the city’s defenses.
Protect your lands from enemy attack. Build defensive towers along the road to stop them. Earn gold by killing enemies.

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Play online game League of chaos and put an end on war which can defeat all of mankind. Kill your opponents in this unusual side view strategy game. Learn skills, train, and improve your army for battle. Use the WASD keys to move, teleport, and shoot. Use the Z, X, C, and V keys to use skills. Good luck, hero. The peace on Earth depends upon you. Be smart and fast, don’t lose your precious time.

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Shoot through 16 levels of chaos in tropical forests, war zones, crumbling cities in Codename indigo online game. You are the only survivor in your team.
We have just located the base of Abdul-gahaar, the guerilla leader responsible for the Fahar massacre. We have to move fast before the window of opportunity closes and we lose the element of surprise. Is your team ready? Be careful though. Abdul-gahaar is a sly bastard and he always seems to slip between our fingers. That’s why its important that we strike immediately.

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Year 3072. Planet Earth. War against planet Narubi. You have been selected to complete an important mission in The fairyland massacre online game. You need to get to the main computer and obtain a copy of the information stored in it. The teleporter will transfer you over to our enemies’ planet. It will also carry you back. Be careful. The enemy is cruel and ruthless. You are equipped with a chainsaw and you can kill dwellers of this planet! Use your mouse and left click and hold to walk and attack. Enjoy the game of the future.

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Your role in Dragon age journeys fantasy adventure RPG online game is to complete the quests being a warrior.
Orzammar, under the moutains to the west of Ferelden, stands as one of the last great dwarven cities. 1000 years have passed since the Blight last drove the proud dwarves to seal their roads and abandon their fallen colonies. Though forsaken and all-but forgotten by the men and elves who walk the surface, the Deep Roads still teem with darkspawn. Amidst the rise of dark omens you head into peril, into the depth, into the Deep Roads.