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Counter Strike Revenge flash game is a shooter/war game in which you have to succeed through 3 stages. Starting with a warm up you have to show what you're made of in the remaining stages. Try to concentrate to hit your enemies before they hit you. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Space bar to reload.
Famous game now is in flash format, so you can enjoy challenging and breathtaking gameplay.
You have limited life-1000 indicator, and limited weapons. Don’t let the enemy kill you, show your mastery. Are you ready?!

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Castles War 2 online game is awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle. Crush or be crushed! Use the arrows to navigate through the guide. The quit button in the top right hand corner allows you to exit at any time. The pictures on the cards show their actions. Some cards have actions that are more complex. If you need more details about a card press the card info button.

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Lair-y has taken over league of super evil’s hq once again. Help him defend the house by plunging, egging, toilet bombing and lasering his enemies. Ear cash and upgrade your defenses after you defeat wave of enemies. Use mouse to aim and click to fire. Press 1 – plunger launcher, 2 – egg cannon, 3 – toilet bombs, 4 – s.w.e.a.t laser. Press R to reload weapon and Space key – garage attack. Play challenging flash game Lair-Y Defense and protect your house from enemies.

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In Mana Wars online game you will have to deal with mystical creatures. Send your armies out to conquer every territory. Buy minimum one unit type to play, you can upgrade your unit’s stat to better suit your playing style. Every unit has a specific mana cost to summon it, you must have enough mana to summon the. At battlefield screen use A and D to choose your unit you want do summon, W and S to choose the line. Space to summon them. Point your mouse to the right or left of the screen to scroll the screen. To win you must make your units go across the enemy’s area.

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In The Islands of Freedom flash game you will need to take command over your island, and send your ships over enemy’s islands to capture them as many as possible. To select the island just click on it once. Colony – produces more boats. Can be little, middle or huge. The higher level the greater the population. To deselect click on the sea. To send a ship just click on the other island your own or enemy’s. There are three islands on the map. One is yours, second is enemy’s, third is neutral. Try to capture all island you manage the level and pass to the next stage. Estimate your forces.

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Tripod Attack flash game is created on basis of famous “The War of the Worlds” movie. You will have the opportunity to play for alien invader and try to kill the mankind. Prove that Earth belongs to Supreme Minds.

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The soldiers of your army need weapons, but in order to deliver it you have only one truck. Play free flash game Army Truck and try to deliver the weapons not losing it on your way. In case you don’t do this mission, the war will be lost.

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In Ambush free flash game you will find yourself in the Second World War. After another defeat the army of fascist Germany has gathered all power and strength for the last try to break through the defenses. Don’t let them break in: create secure defense, use the aviation power, assign all resources to defend the border.


Mafia is immortal. But only until the real professional starts his thing. Play Sift Heads Street Wars – Prologue and punish the criminal world. Kill as many criminals as you can.


In Civilizations Wars - Ice Legend free flash game you will choose the civilization among given and lead it through wars. The main aim is to capture the North Pole. Don’t let the opponent to occupy any of the buildings. Be the only proprietor of endless snow desert.

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In the destroyed town gangs of mercenaries are engaged in fierce war. Play free online game Mercenary Wars and take part in the battle: kill all enemies with true hits and use shelters in order to defend yourself from enemy bullets.

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In Mecha Warrior free flash game you wear an external skeleton and test it on the whole army of enemy fighting robots. Shoot them with various weapons which will be accessible while you pass the levels. Your main aim is not letting any enemy to your headquarters. So be accurate and fast with each of your shot.

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North Pole is a real treasure with mineral resources, and in order to have them you need to go through a real war. Play flash game Arctic Warfare and be the first who gets all oil wells in the disposal, and don’t let anybody have them.

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In Penguin Wars online game you will need to help penguins reach their home and collect all useful items on the level. Penguins should move together and help each other in overcoming high obstacles. Be careful, each level is full of dangers and penguins only have 4 lives for both of them.