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Genre of Battleship War flash game is one of the most famous today. The rules are not changed - your aim is to destroy the enemy ships. Play with computer opponent which will not let you win so easily. Don’t forget to place your ships in good order not to be an easy target for your adversary.

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A jungle is not a place for pirates. Play free online game Jungle Wars and destroy all pirates with the help of grenades. Don’t think it is very easy, they might use shelters and you will need to destroy them. In case the pirate is very high, you can throw the grenade to another soldier and he will reach the pirate in his turn.


You ship is lost in the distant space and you need to repair it and protect from space robbers. Play online game Astrowars Stranded in Deep Space on the space ship and destroy your enemies, and collect minerals necessary for repair. Be careful as there are a lot of asteroids and you don’t want the collision with them.

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Take part in the war of robots. Choose the planet for fighting and capture all resources in it. Create robo-warriors in order to resist the enemy army and robo-earner in order to collect the resources. Destroy the base of your opponent – be the single proprietor of the planet.

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The king is dead. The Kingdom is mired in the internecine wars. It's time to stop this turmoil and defeat that army. Command one of the army and lead it into all lands of the kingdom, capturing castles! Use the magic, if necessary, since your enemy is fighting to the last.

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The aliens invaded to steal your cows. Now it's time to fight - we'll call it Grey Wars. Defend your stock. Place the cannons on the field in such way that the enemies don't even get a chance to get close to the barn. Get upgrades on your way.
Do a research of what you can do - there ar elots of options to make the online game more interesting and exciting. Good luck to you!

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This war is real. More than that - it's Robo War! You are a super high-tech robot. There are lots of enemies-droids on your way. Destroy them all.
How to play: use arrow keys to move, space to shoot, "x" - to change your weapons. Like this online game? Add it to your favorites and come back for more!