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Start a new quest in Warlord Heroes free flash game, battling your way across the land. Get as many kills as you can, and survive as best you can in an endless level of increasingly difficult enemies. Fight against elite warriors from each race in a series of 1v1 grudge matches. Complete episodes to unlock extra combatants. View the controls for playing and change options to improve game performance in online game.
Having trouble with a boss? Earn some money to buy extra upgrades by attacking other regions. Try different routes to avoid difficult regions. Opening this menu pauses the action.
At the beginning of flash game choose the episode.
Episode 1 - you control Ellder, a young Night Elf warrior. Inexperienced, but keen to learn, you are sent on a dangerous mission.
Episode 2 - you control Prince Aldon, heir to the throne of the men of the west. You have been imprisoned by the Human Alliance and want to return home.
Episode 3 - you control Toldor, an Orc from the south who has recently heard of his brothers death and wants revenge.
Episode 4 - pick your favourite character and embark upon the final part of the story.