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Play Warlords Call to Arms online flash game


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The aim of free flash game Warlords Call to Arms is very simple: get your men to the other side of the map without letting the enemies men get to yours.
Every time one of your men gets to the other side, the territory bar (at the top) will move slightly to the right, and when an enemy gets to your side, the bar will move left. If it goes all the way to the right, you will win or if you are ahead when the time runs out, you will also win.
You control the yellow arrow on the left. It indicates where you are to create your soldiers. You can move it up and down by pressing W and S (or Up and Down) in online multiplayer game.
To select different types of soldiers use A and D (or Left and Right). Different units have different strengths and weaknesses, it is down to you to figure out which units are best for dealing with different enemies and scenarios. But there is some help in the shop. You nay only send out a soldier when he is ready, this is indicated by a red border outlining your arrow. When you have your preferred unit selected and he is ready, press the spacebar to release him. Every 20 kills, you will get a charge, where you can send a line of 8 men. This is indicated by a red arrow. Press Q to release a charge.
Use ranged attackers against units that have a strong attack, but weak armor. Extra tough units, still only count as 1, so send some weaker units along the path that they clear in online games. A large group of archers can be hard to get units near, so consider waiting for them to get close to your side before sending in lots of swordsmen. They won't have to cover so much distance.
Mounted attackers are best taken care of by a small cluster of units that have a strong attack, e.g halberdiers and battle axemen.
If a particular unit is tough to kill, consider ignoring them if your men could be better used elsewhere to play flash game.