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Play Warzone Tower Defense online flash game


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Welcome to Warzone Tower Defense online game. Warzone is a tower defense flash game where you must attempt to survive as long as possible by building the most efficient line of defense.
When the game starts you will have a fixed amount of time before enemies enter the map, use this time setup your initialdefenses.
First select a tower to build from your defensive arsenal. Since you start online games of such genre with a limited number of credits you will only be able to afford basic defenses to start. To gain additional credits successfully defend your base from attack, each enemy destroyed will give you more credits.
When placing or selecting a tower on the map you can see the towers targeting radius. This will help determine effective placement for your defense. Once you have selected a tower you will notice information related to that specific tower is displayed at the bottom of the screen in flash game. Take special note of the "Targets" line, this will tell you if the tower is capable of targeting ground units, air units, or both.
You can upgrade your towers in online TD games to make them more effective. To do this select a tower you have placed on the map and you will notice the upgrade menu will become available at the bottom of the screen. Some towers have more then one upgrade available review the statistics before making your decision.
To the left you can see the "wave display" this will give you a heads up on the next 5 incoming enemy waves. You will also notice the button labeled "Send Now" pressing this will stop the timer and send the next wave immediately.
This is also where the score display is located useful for those competitive types.