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The objective of flash game is to keep your world alive for as long as possible by looking after your character - your character's happiness is the key. Energy levels, nutrition, air quality and money are some of the factors that you will need to consider to ensure the survival of your world.
Your garden is important in flash game because this is where you can grow carrots to use as food source and plant trees to improve the air quality. You can also populate your garden with air polluting power plants or environmentally friendly wind turbines and solar panels, all of which generate money but affect your character's happiness. Simply click on an empty slot and enter the shop to purchase an item. Remember trees and carrots will need watering or they will die.
At the bottom of your garden there is a work shed where you can do your scientific research. Working earns you money to spend in the shop but it will also tire you out, so be careful not to work too hard in online game.