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Play Zippy Airport online flash game


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The higher officials of the Zippy Airport have chosen you to manage the flights. They hope that you will manage landing and take-off of the flight properly. This is the great chance to show your talents in such flash games for free. You must be careful in handling flight and earn score for your good service. Keep your eyes on the Emergency flights.
Play flash game Zippy Airport and click the plane when it arrives. After that click the green button to select the ramp for your flight to park. To fuel your plane, click the red button in online game. To do mechanical service in your flight, click the violet button. After everything is done, click the button - take off.
Once you complete the target, you can move to the next day by clicking the corresponding button in flash game. While you see emergency flight sign, you cannot park it in any numbered ramp, it has a special ramp, in the right corner of the airport. It need only fueling or mechanical service. In case, if you do not need any flight to land in your airport, you can make them round off by clicking this round off button.